Frances uses the power of simplicity and memorable language. She will assist you – step-by-step – in choosing foods that nourish, ground and promote your well-being. She makes the connection between what you eat and how you feel. Here’s what inspires her work with food and health. 

Why I’m a Nutritional Consultant:

I am the 7th out of 9 children. Yep, that’s right. I have eight siblings! Five sisters and three brothers. Already, you’re probably wondering, “WOW! What was THAT like growing up?”

And, yes, it was never a dull moment to say the least. I remember going with Mom to the grocery store, the looks on the checkers’ faces when they saw her coming. This was in the days before day care, Costco and scanners. The checker had to manually punch in the cost of every item. And Mom always had two carts strategically packed full of food. 

Keeping us fed was an ongoing ordeal.  

And so was the organized chaos of our household. When asked how we all got along she’d say, “Well they’re either kissing or they’re killing, there’s no in-between.” Her sense of humor seasoned our days with laughter. She did a great job of caring for us, in spite of our complaints and criticisms. 

My mom was creative and did her best with what she knew.

My mom was not the healthiest eater, and she struggled with her weight constantly. Having nine children took a toll on her body. She loved her sugar and Pepsis, even though they gave her horrendous headaches. And sadly, she died of Leukemia at the young age of 58. This is the main reason that health and nutrition began to play leading roles in my life.  

I was always active and fit, but when my older sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, and my dad died of colorectal cancer, I began to hear an insistent wakeup call. There was a strong possibility that cancer genes were part of my biological inheritance. I thought about the way we all ate as a family, the bad fats, the processed and convenience foods, and especially the sugar! Yes we all loved our sugar! There was more and more research available about the hazards of poor diet. I came face to face with my own eating habits and the impact food could have on my health. 

To paraphrase something I’ve read many times: “Genetics load the gun, but your diet pulls the trigger.”  I started experimenting with my own diet and discovered something that has come to guide my food choices. 

The connection between food and mood. 

I’ve experienced a lot of grief in my life, beginning with the early death of my beloved mother. Staying fit and healthy through the loss of both my parents has not been easy. Over the years I have lost many friends, extended family members, colleagues, pets, jobs, you name it. Many of us experience grief without even knowing it. Grief has been a huge part of my journey. It has shaped who I am and allowed me to grow. I want to assist others in finding their way through bereavement, the times of life that are inevitable for all of us. So if you’ve experienced a loss recently, it’s a time to give yourself special care and feeding. Please look at my website for some ideas that will help. www:feedingthebereaved.