Feeding The Bereaved

Work that comes from my life experience.

Over the years, I lost my mother, father, dear friends, jobs, relationships and pets.  On one level or another, we all experience loss and grief. Our major life changes and even the minor ones can cause years of suffering.

Because I had experienced so many losses, I began to realize how powerful food can be in lessening the seemingly endless intensity of bereavement. As I became more educated about nutrition, I created a recipe for balancing the somatic aspects of grief with nutrition.  This can help you make the connection between what you eat and how you feel, the connection between food and mood.

Here's how my program can help:

You will have simple and pragmatic tools to help you choose foods that nourish, ground, and promote your well-being. 

  • This helps manage the emotional regulation of your grief.

  • Eating comfort foods for support is helpful, even essential.

  • Nutrition that balances your blood sugar helps lessen grief symptoms.

  • Healthy nutrition and eating whole foods helps smooth out your moods.

Other remedies for powerful emotions

My training as an Integrative Grief Practitioner helps me recognize and ease the symptoms of grief and loss. Grief is a normal reaction to the loss of something or someone we had an attachment to. If there was no attachment, there would be no grief. My work helps you see where you are and how to deeply care for yourself. I've studied Yoga for Grief Relief, as well, so you can learn yoga practices that act as a "prescription" for managing the body centered effects of grief.